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John Chisham


Certified Coach & Influencer

The beauty of coaching is that it is not the knowledge or experience of the coach that matters. The power of coaching is found in the process of coaching.

To comfort those who need certifications; I have them. I am a Doctor of Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Biblical Counseling. I also have a masters degree in leadership. I have specific training in the Maxwell Leadership coaching (under Christian Simpson) and sales lane as well as Ramsey Financial coaching. I have also held leadership roles in churches in the role of deacon, elder, Council president, associate pastor, and church planting pastor. I have led para-church campus ministries specific to discipleship and evangelism. Though I have never gone to school for business, I have 30+ years of experience in the business world primarily in sales and marketing. I have also been in teaching, training, and coaching for most of those years, though only specifically trained for the last decade.

My passion is helping business owners reach their full potential- and the result is that they have a growing business that aligns them with their WHY?  

In my life, God has blessed me with many gifts, not the least of which is many great people in my life at different times to help me get through and move on in growth. People that have helped me to get from point A to point B and beyond. People who have inspired me, moved me, and just flat out helped me to become the man I am now and am growing to become.

Before anyone can grow to be all God wants them to be, they need to be aligned with His purposes. This initial and continual alignment- called repentance- is a one hundred and eighty degree turnaround from my plans and purposes - the very direction of my life - to be brought in line with God's plan and purposes through Christ Jesus. This is the reason for the name one-eighty consulting. 

My great passion is to help Christians be all they can be to bring glory to God and grow His kingdom on this earth. This starts, as stated above, by the individual Christian being brought in alignment with God's purposes and will in Jesus Christ. I believe that one way that this is accomplished is through Christian coaching.


Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach,

Ramsey Solutions Certified Financial Coach,

Predictive Index Certified Partner,

Biblical Counselor.


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