John Chisham

Managing General Partner/CEO

My name is John Chisham, and I am an executive recruiter. Some might call me a headhunter, a shark. I prefer the term business consultant, though all the descriptions are a fit for me. My company is Solid Rock Recruiting - and we have a passion that drives us to be the best recruiting firm in the nation.

I am a placement professional, which means I work with both candidates and companies. My day is spent in many different ways- but primarily what I do is put qualified candidates together with companies with which they are a fit. How do I do that? I spend a lot of time on the phone, on the web, on social media, and on job boards.

On the candidate side, I am looking for the passive job seeker- one who is happy with their current situation, but would make a move if there was a better opportunity out there. I spend time with each candidate, finding out the answer to the question "what could be better than what you are doing right now?" I spend time with each candidate determining the best placement opportunities out there for them.

On the company side, I work with hiring authorities to determine the skill set, personality, and culture profile of the perfect fit for their company. I take very detailed job descriptions so that when I bring a candidate to the company, asking the question: "what position in your organization is keeping you up at night?"In my work with the company, my goal is to 'knock the cover off the ball' in regards to finding the best fit for your company. The beauty of my service is that hiring authorities do not need to wade through hundreds of resumes- I do that job for you, saving you precious time and money in the process.

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  • Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach
  • Ramsey Solutions certified financial coach
  • Predictive Index Certified Partner

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