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Win That Job- Interviewing for Success

You have done it. You have an interview scheduled for your next job. It could be your first job, or it could be a better job. It could be outside of your current company, or you could be interviewing for a promotion. Whatever the situation, you got the interview. 

Now the hard work begins.

Over the last decade, I have prepared literally hundreds of individuals for the interview process. 

Let’s face it, interviewing is something that most people only do a few times in their life. 

I obsess over it. I research it. I have debriefed hundreds of candidates and hiring authorities and have asked what went well, and what went poorly. 

I have gathered my years of research in this book and offer it to you as the last guide you will ever need to successfully navigate the interview process and come out with a job offer. 

Now, nothing I can teach you can substitute for experience in the field you are interviewing for. But, if you have the requisite experience, this handbook will set you apart from all other applicants. 

We will cover 

The application, resume, and cover letter

The initial interview (phone)

The face to face interview

The questions to ask and to prepare an answer for

What to do when you leave the interview

What to do in the days following the interview. 

It is my expectation that if you follow this guide, and sprinkle in your personality and your experience that you will come out with a job offer, a raise, or a promotion. 

It is my hope that this book helps you attain your career goals.

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