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SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization
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Is your business "above the fold" in the Google search fields, or do people need to go to page 2 to find you? Are you featured on the Google Maps page where your business will be found? Is your Google Business page up-to-date? For many small businesses, keeping their website updated and in a place where people can interact with it is a full-time job. Oftentimes, it is handed off to someone on the team who really does not know all the ways in which you can optimize a site and keep it updated.

That is where the Alpha Agency comes in. We will keep your page front of mind and at the top of the fold for you. We have helped multiple businesses immediately increase the ROI on their site simply by keeping it updated and optimizing it through current Google best practices. In addition, we keep your Google business page updated as well and fill it with recommendations from happy customers with our reputation management program, which is part of the SEO service.

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